Sit All Day? Try These 9 Yoga Poses You Can Do From Your Bed for Happy Hips and Legs

If you spend hours sitting at a desk or live a generally sedentary lifestyle, your hips and legs might be suffering. Between the lack of movement and the pressure of sitting on your bum all day, hip tension and leg numbness or pain can cause a number of problems for your health over time, not to mention the overall discomfort.


Luckily, however, yoga proposes a solution. With just a few postures that you can do anywhere, you can restore health to your hips and legs and kiss stubborn pain goodbye.  Yoga not only helps us to stretch out tight muscles, but it also increases the circulation of fresh blood to areas which are otherwise neglected. Check out the list below for some soothing yoga poses to try before bed for happy hips and legs.


—Ashley Lall at
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