Allergies & Aches? Feel Better With This Simple Meditation

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Photo: Courtesy of Elya.

Seems a lot of people are sick these days with ailments ranging from allergies to stress related aches and pains. This is a simple meditation for overall health as it stimulates every organ to greater vitality. The breath and arm rotation energize and perk up all aspects of the body, including the brain. A great meditation to do when pregnant as well.

I would suggest doing this every day for a week, preferably when you first wake up in the morning.

In easy pose (seated position) stretch your arms out to your sides with your palms down, parallel to the ground, and elbows straight.

On each hand touch your thumb to the mound of your pinkie and then close your fist around your thumb. Keep your elbows straight as you revolve your arms and fists backward in circles about a foot and a half in diameter.

Close your eyes and roll them up and in to the third eye point (center of brow).

Breathe with a hissing breath through your nose (like a cobra). Do this for three minutes.

To end, inhale deeply, hold the posture, and exhale. Sit for one minute in quiet meditation.

Enjoy your health!

— Courtney Somer at refinery29.com